Roll the credits, and wait for the sequel?

By now, most if not all of you have seen Philip Newborough’s announcement that he is moving on. First things first: Thank you, Philip, for providing sensible and solid leadership over the past several years. And, of course, all of us are grateful for your bringing CrunchBang — a simple and solid distro that works on a wide range of hardware — into the world.

CrunchBang, if anything, was — and still is, by my estimation — both a textbook case and the perfect example of how a FOSS project should work. One person gets an idea and acts on it, and meanwhile a community grows around it. And there’s a good reason that CrunchBang ranged from the teens to the mid-40s in the Distrowatch rankings: On a technical level, it was the distro’s straightforward simplicity as Debian under the Openbox window manager with the “special sauce” of an install script that hopefully others will adopt. On a personal level, it was the helpful nature of those who brought a positive energy the forums, one of the most well-stocked — if not the most well-stocked — in FOSS.

But now the curtain is falling, the actors are taking their bows, and the question is, where do we go from here?

To be honest, I’m not quite ready to call it a day. In fact, I pretty much fancy keeping the sun from setting on CrunchBang.

Hence, the reference above to “the sequel:” At SCALE 13x this month, I will hold a CrunchBang Fork Birds of a Feather gathering to see if there is an interest in continuing Philip’s work as he left it — Debian Jessie under the Openbox window manager — which is how I see CrunchBang going forward.

Clearly, not everyone is going to be in Los Angeles later this month, so if you have any interest in this, drop me a line at larry-dot-cafiero-at-gmail-dot-com and, thanks to the modern miracle of filters, make sure you put CrunchBang in the subject line to I actually see it.

This will be the final Larry the CrunchBang Guy blog item. It has been a blast being a part of the CrunchBang experience — writing about it here and serving as a forum moderator — and I look forward to a future where another like-minded distro picks up where Philip left off.

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(Larry Cafiero is one of the founders of the Lindependence Project and develops business software at Redwood Digital Research, a consultancy that provides FOSS solutions in the small business and home office environment.)

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5 responses to “Roll the credits, and wait for the sequel?

  1. “CrunchBang, if anything, was — and still is, by my estimation — both a textbook case and the perfect example of how a FOSS project should work”

    Be thankful Linus Torvalds didn’t work that way. If he got tired of it or died, then Linux wouldn’t continue by that standard. Maybe he should have done what the lead Bohdi developer did, and let someone else take charge.

    • Sorry you feel that way, and that comparison doesn’t really make sense. The fact that the CrunchBang community cares enough to make the distro work is a testament in and of itself.

  2. Come to ##crunchbang and lets chat about it sometime. I was thinking about spinning a remix on arch but I would be willing to do all the UI work for your fork instead. There are a few others that would help out as well.

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