Sometimes I have ideas. Not all of them are good ones, I will certainly admit, but at least none of them have started off with me loudly stating, “Here, hold my beer and watch this” (ending with me in the hospital, or worse).

This morning, over coffee and a bagel at The Firefly Coffeehouse (best bagels in Santa Cruz, bar none), it occurred to me that next month is October, which is the month of Oktoberfest in Bavaria, at least, as well as faux Oktoberfests in non-German locations worldwide (not a knock — you like drinking beer in big steins and want an excuse to drink it that way? Cool with me).

So here’s the idea: Crunchtoberfest.

It might not involve large steins of beer (thought that’s clearly an option, if you want it to be), but it would be a month where we — CrunchBang users, CrunchBang advocates, the CrunchBang faithful, the CrunchBang nation, CrunchBangeros, CrunchBangistas, whatever you choose to call this tribe we’re in — can take the month of October and make it our own.

TL;DR? Crunchtoberfest can be a month-long celebration of our distro.

To celebrate the month, you can:

Introduce/Talk to your Linux-using friends about CrunchBang: Many of us hang with other Linux users. Many of them may not be using CrunchBang — their choice, and that’s cool — but if they’re not, you can offer to introduce them to the goodness that is CrunchBang and why you choose to use it.

Introduce/Talk to your friends who don’t use Linux about CrunchBang: You may know people who don’t use Linux (horrors!) and they might want to know what that mystical operating system you’re using with which you have such a good time constantly. So tell them about it — enlighten them to the wonders of Debian under the hood with Openbox atop it. Don’t think they can handle CrunchBang? Not to worry — Debian will be there in a pinch, or any other distro that gets their foot in the door. Sooner or later, they’ll be back.

Help out around the house: The CrunchBang Forums are a great place to find information and to talk about Linux and non-Linux issues (in Off-Topic, of course) — also it’s a good place to help out wherever and whenever you can, as is the IRC channel on Freenode (but let’s just talk about the forums for the moment). Many of you already do, and it’s deeply appreciated. We’ve made the forums a pretty safe and friendly place to ask questions and find answers, but it only works when folks are helpful and friendly (and that applies to nearly all of you). Up with the positive, down with the negative.

Help out with the new official #! wiki
: In a conversation with corenominal yesterday, we agreed that I would take the reins on something that has been sort of proposed on multiple occasions but never followed through upon: resurrecting the official CrunchBang wiki. What would really make my Halloween at the end of October is if I can dress up for All Hallow’s Eve as the completed CrunchBang wiki — now that would be something. Up for this, or if you’ve already started something in this regard? Comment below or e-mail me at lcafiero-at-gmx-dot-com

Be excellent to each other and to others outside #!
: You can do this for the other 11 months out of the year as well, but whenever you feel that someone’s being a jerk on the forums or on IRC, don’t try to out-jerk them on either the forums or on IRC. Trust me — if I had a dollar for every time I myself should have followed this advice, I’d be rich. In other words, be helpful on the forums and on IRC — most of you are, of course — but some may need this reminder, and that goes to the guy who looks back at me in the mirror, too.

Got any ideas? Clearly, I don’t have the monopoly on good ideas, so if you think of something that might be a good Crunchtoberfest activity, let us know.

We have 31 days — or more — to take our already great distro to a higher level.

Are you in?

Larry Cafiero is one of the founders of the Lindependence Project and has just started developing software at Redwood Digital Research (RDR), a consultancy that provides FOSS solutions in the small business and home office environment. RDR is based in Felton, California, USA.

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3 responses to “Crunchtoberfest

  1. To be honest, the thing that attracted me about CrunchBang and the community was the modesty. They completely lacked pretentiousness. I honestly think this is one of the strengths of the community, and a reason people come back. If you look in any months’ Screenshot thread, you’ll find plenty of other distro’s. In fact, sometimes I get the feeling BBQ is the favored distro in the #! community…

    That said, whenever somebody asks, I always recommend CrunchBang of course.

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