Thanks, Mom!

OSFirstTimer is a unique concept for a webcast. Any kid with a camera can go on and on about a Linux distro, but Philip Adams — much to his creative credit — goes much further in testing distros and putting the videos on his YouTube channel.

Rather than doing it himself, Philip has Diana Adams, his mom, do the testing of a wide range of OSes, including Windows, MacOS and various Linux distros. In this week’s 20-minute installment of OSFirstTimer, Diana (with very little help from Philip) puts CrunchBang 11 Waldorf through its paces and gives CrunchBang a favorable review overall.

What’s most interesting about the video is that Diana, who is seeing CrunchBang for the first time, is not intimidated by it and navigates the distro without great difficulty. During the course of negotiating CrunchBang’s Openbox window manager’s learning curve, she describes getting the hang of the window manager nuances “elementary” and finds the window manager “intuitive.”

Philip has Diana do some tasks — make a document, find the square root of 56, for starters — and then go into discussing some of the items in CrunchBang, like Terminator (the terminal) and man pages (no, nothing to do with gender — manual pages — and more on this later). The banter between the two is endearing — Diana is a mom who is not afraid of hardware and Philip is a bright son who’s eager to help when his mom reaches a rare impasse behind the screen.

I thought there was a couple of missed opportunites to explain the terminal in their Terminator exchange, as well as not explaining what man pages are (though the exchange on man pages is humorous). But never mind: The broadcast was an entertaining look at how a newcomer approaches a distribution that is unknown, and Diana finds in her conclusion that CrunchBang is intuitive, logical and easy to navigate. This would probably add to the argument that anyone can use CrunchBang, as opposed to the position that CrunchBang is only for more experienced Linux users.

I would definitely suggest watching this, and I will add it to the repertoire of materials I use to show off CrunchBang when speaking about it publicly.

Also, while Philip seems to brim with youthful enthusiasm and intelligence in the digital realm, Diana deserves an award for being a great parent for participating in this project. It would be great to see what’s next for OSFirstTimer, but for now, thanks for trying CrunchBang.

This blog, and all other blogs by Larry the Free Software Guy, Larry the CrunchBang Guy and Larry Cafiero, are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs CC BY-NC-ND license. In short, this license allows others to download this work and share it with others as long as they credit me as the author, but others can’t change it in any way or use it commercially.

Larry Cafiero is one of the founders of the Lindependence Project and has just started developing software at Redwood Digital Research (RDR), a consultancy that provides FOSS solutions in the small business and home office environment. RDR is based in Felton, California, USA.

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