A perfect 10

I’m going to try to say this in my best movie-preview-guy voice.

More than 100 exhibitors.

More than 130 presentations.

Nearly 2,000 people in attendance.

These factors together are what makes the Southern California Linux Expo SCALE 10X a perfect 10.

With 101 exhibitors, 132 presentations and 1,962 people in attendance over the three-day event (roughly a 9 percent uptick in attendance), SCALE 10X nailed it. I’m going to let Joe “Zonker” Brockmeier take the helm here on this one, since his blog item on the event is outstanding and is something I can’t improve on.

But do you think, for a moment, that would stop me from talking about CrunchBang’s presence at the show?


Yeah, I’m that guy: OK, so if I thought so many people were that interested, I would have made a bigger deal about it; maybe even holding a press conference or something. But yes, I am now primarily a CrunchBang GNU/Linux user and advocate after ramping down my activities with the Fedora Project (though I did use my pull as a former Fedora Ambassador to help out a Fedoran stuck at the hotel). As I mentioned to just about everyone I saw at the show who asked me about it — that’s about 90 percent of the folks I regularly see at shows — there were really two factors involved: a.) I really like CrunchBang a lot since I started using it six months ago, and I think the distro, their lead developer Philip Newborough, and their community have a lot going for them, and b.) under the skillful guidance of Mark Terranova and Scott Williams and other Fedoristas in California, I don’t think I’ll be missed by the Fedora Project all that much.

There. I’m glad we had this little talk. Now go and try CrunchBang — it’s great.

Presenting about CrunchBang: I gave a presentation called “On Beyond Zenwalk,” a riff on the Dr. Seuss book “On Beyond Zebra.” It was about distros that do not get their due, and are somewhat more high performance than their average “street legal” counterparts and, of course, I spoke a bit — OK, more than a bit — about CrunchBang. There was live streaming of the presentations available during the show, and I would thank that means that the video lives somewhere that will allow me to post a link. So when I find out where that is, I’ll post it.

Flocking together for CrunchBang: There was a Birds of a Feather gathering for CrunchBang on Saturday, where I got to continue my talk about CrunchBang to those who were interested. About 10 people made it up to the meeting, and while I was unable to make any printed matter (I’m working on that, still), I was able to show off CrunchBang on two different laptops. I also made four live usb sticks that I gave away (that’s all I had in my pocket), and one woman who ran the live usb stick on her Lenovo netbook was so impressed that she said she was going to install it.

Best. Compliment. Ever. So during one lap around on the show floor, seeing if anyone needed anything in the way of publicity and the like (in my capacity as SCALE 10X publicity co-chair), I had one exhibtor, a woman, tell me this: “This is a great show. In fact, I worked AVS and this show is much better than that one.” I thought I was more worldly than I am, apparently, becuase I had to ask: “AVS?” “Adult Video Show,” she replied. Ah. So noted. On that note, there’s nothing that can beat that.

Except maybe SCALE 11X next year.

(Larry Cafiero is one of the founders of the Lindependence Project and has just started developing software at Redwood Digital Research, a consultancy that provides FOSS solutions in the small business and home office environment.)

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6 responses to “A perfect 10

    • Few things make me drool anymore, VastOne, and believe me, I’m more bummed about that than you might be 🙂 But anyway, the show itself having more people and the wider range of talks this year were a huge plus. What probably jumped out at me most was the fact that there were so many new people at the show — a Linux installation class of 40 new users that SCALE set up had a waiting list of another 40 people (they will probably hold another class soon, as early as the end of next month). That, of course, and the fact that I didn’t start a distro war with my presentation “On Beyond Zebra” — everyone in the after-talk discussion were sharing notes and saying nice things about all the distros that came up.

  1. Yeah, I watched you speaking about the nice little distros and of course about CrunchBang. It was interesting, maybe the sound of your mic was not that good. 🙂

    Anyway good work and you seem to be a really enhusiastic man. 🙂 Good to have you in our community.

    • The mic was giving me problems, yes. Also, I seem to have erased my Red Hat-based distro slide (argh!). I am looking forward to seeing it myself when they post the presentations.

      Thanks for your compliment, and I hope to make CrunchBang proud.

  2. Good stuff..

    Were there any ‘major’ distro presence there other than Fedora? Ubuntu, Mint, Debian…

    Interesting that so many would want to take part of the installation class. That shows an interest at a very high level. Hopefully it was a well done class that helped answer questions and belay fears.

    I am going to make an attempt to make it to the next one. I have family in Washington so that may pan out.

    • Ubuntu, yes. Fedora, yes. Debian, yes. Mint, no — and I don’t know why (they should be).

      The New Users’ Class was an interesting exercise. I think a lot of people are curious, at least, some wanting alternatives to Windows. That’s a very good sign indeed.

      Linux Fest Northwest in Bellingham, Wash., is the last weekend in April, I believe — VastOne, if you could make it, that would be incredibly cool. I’ve applied for space (a booth/table) and I submitted a CrunchBang-specific talk. Also, a Birds of a Feather would be part of the plan.

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