Flocking together

Most of you already know this, but the Southern California Linux Expo SCALE 10X, like other Linux expos, holds events called “Birds of a Feather,” or BoF. A BoF is an informal meet-up or discussion, where expo attendees can get together and discuss a shared interest without a pre-designated agenda.

So since I am going to be there, I took the liberty of signing up for a CrunchBang BoF at SCALE 10X. If anyone else is a CrunchBang user who is attending SCALE and wants to give me a hand, all the better. If you’re a CrunchBang user attending SCALE and don’t want to help, well OK, but you’re still welcome to come by.

What I plan to do is simple — have some burned Live CDs and set up one of two laptops to be able to install live USB onto drives folks give me, if they want CrunchBang (it’s the “loaves and fishes” trick that Fedora once used when it ran out of media at OSCON one year), as well as having some information about #! to give to the curious. Depending on the turnout, we can see where we go.

Also, I’m open to ideas, too, if anyone has one (or several) on how to promote CrunchBang.

If other events that you might be going to have BoFs — I’ll be doing the same at Linux Fest Northwest in Bellingham, Washington, USA — and you feel up to the task, I would urge you to do the same.

[Apologies to those reading this on the CrunchBang Planet — on the WordPress site, the SCALE 10X logo runs around the text just fine, but on the Planet, it doesn’t seem to. I’m working on it.]

(Larry Cafiero is one of the founders of the Lindependence Project and has just started testing and developing software in his new home office, Redwood Digital Research, in the redwood-covered hills of Felton, California, USA. Watch this space.)

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2 responses to “Flocking together

  1. What I think you need to stress is the ease it is to install a new DM. As great as Openbox is, it is not for everyone.

    When I am with a new customer, I make sure to showcase Xfce as well.. 99% of these customers are current Windows users and find Xfce more of what they are used to and an easier transition.

    Not sure if this will be important at the SCALE 10X, but for my day to day work it is critical.

    Just an opinion… Wish I lived closer, I would be there with you.

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