Origins of this blog’s name

Several days ago, it was pointed out by johnraff in this CrunchBang forum thread that if there is any “CrunchBang Guy” around these parts, let alone on the planet Earth, it’s Philip Newborough, aka corenominal.

No truer words were spoken, and thank you, johnraff, for pointing that out. In naming the blog, my intention was never to imply that Philip was not THE — that’s T-H-triple E — CrunchBang guy, and I apologize to anyone who misunderstood this.

The origin of this blog’s name stems from my original blog that I’ve been writing since 2007, Larry the Free Software Guy (briefly, “Larry the Open Source Guy,” before I saw Richard Stallman speak at the University of California Berkeley campus), which is of course a play on the name, “Larry the Cable Guy,” an American comedian who plays an oafish redneck who gets into a variety of situations (also, he’s the voice of Mater the tow truck in “Cars”). His catch phrase of “get ‘er done” can be found under the title of this blog, with a slight modification.

Of course, the similarities between the character and me end abruptly at the fact that we share a first name.

I realize that there are probably CrunchBang users on other continents that may now know the comic work of Daniel Lawrence Whitney (Larry the Cable Guy) and, as such, I’m pointing it out here.

Just so there’s no mistake going forward . . .

(Larry Cafiero is one of the founders of the Lindependence Project and has just started testing and developing software in his new home office, Redwood Digital Research, in the redwood-covered hills of Felton, California, USA. Watch this space.)

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One response to “Origins of this blog’s name

  1. Hi Larry, that name makes a lot more sense when you know about Larry the Cable Guy. Anyway, please don’t take my sour comment too much to heart!

    And I’m sure everyone appreciates your efforts to share Crunchbang with a wider audience. 🙂

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