Becoming a Conky junkie

One of the things I like about CrunchBang — one of the many things, acutally — is that I have a lot of information about my laptop at my immediate disposal, displayed on the screen thanks to the modern miracle of Conky.

So allow me to preach to the choir momentarily, in case there are one or two of you out there who don’t know what it is: Conky is a free, lightweight system monitor for X that displays any information on your desktop. Conky is licensed under the GPL and runs on Linux and BSD. That’s from the Web site, but it’s a lot more than that, to the tune of about 300 built-in objects more.

But I digress.

The December 2011 Conky Thread on the CrunchBang Forum has a lot of great Conky themes available and, for newb and experienced Conky user alike, it does not disappoint. The examples shown here are outstanding, and this is a particular favorite, though I’d probably sub out one item here for a temperature display. Excellent work, Jinnstar. Or this one, and if you’ll note, the 15 pages in the forum (so far) are chock full of suggestions and explanation about how to make some of these themes work.

So now I’m hooked on tinkering with Conky. Excuse me while I go and get a fix.

(Larry Cafiero is one of the founders of the Lindependence Project and has just started testing developing software in his new home office in the redwood covered hills of Felton, California, USA. Watch this space.)

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