CrunchBang at SCALE 10X?

Several weeks ago, I mentioned in the CrunchBang Talk forum about whether it might be feasible to have a booth at the Southern California Linux Expo SCALE 10X in January. Or at least at a minimum, if some of the CrunchBangers who are attending the show want to meet during the course of the weekend and talk CrunchBang.

The feasability here would consist of a.) having people other than me at SCALE and b.) having something to give the folks who stop by the booth. As far as getting the booth, CrunchBang would qualify for a dot-org booth, though I think there are only 10 spaces left as of today (the answer to how I know that can be found two paragraphs down).

(Of course, those of you who are going to Linux Conf Australia that same week are welcome to organize the same type of event — I just can’t be there, unfortunately, because I’ll be in Los Angeles.)

Truth in advertising: I am part of the SCALE team, and I am one of the publicity co-chairs. I would be able to help secure the space for a booth — it’s a table, really — but since I’m in perpetual motion during the course of the show (if you go, it’s really a sight to see me work nonstop from Friday morning to Sunday evening), I wouldn’t be able to staff the table.

But I can do this if there are folks who are coming to the show anyway, those who might like free admission (as the exhibitors get) in exchange for staffing the CrunchBang table. With a few of us at the show, it would allow folks to ramble around while the booth remains staffed.

So as far as item a.) above goes, I’m not available to staff the booth, but I would have a hand in acquiring it. But for b.) above, I might be able to burn Live CDs, print some nice labels (probably a large #! along with instructions on how to use a Live CD to go on the label — don’t laugh, I have stories . . . ), maybe some printed materials on CrunchBang. This can be discussed further, if anyone is interested.

You can leave a comment here or leave a comment on the forum where this topic is being discussed.

(As an aside, at SCALE I am giving a presentation on up and coming distros called “On Beyond Zenwalk,” where I will be talking a lot about CrunchBang — you can count on that — as well as a couple of others.)

Looking forward to other shows, I will probably be at the Texas Linux Fest and Linux Fest Northwest in the spring. I actually don’t work at those and I’d be glad to arrange a booth for CrunchBang and staff it. But I’d hate to do it alone — the more the merrier.

(Larry Cafiero is one of the founders of the Lindependence Project and has just started developing software in his new home office. Watch this space.)

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